Our Process

Our Process

Relationship-Based Approach

Our team is dedicated to providing financial guidance and planning to business owners, women, and families living primarily in Southeastern Michigan. We believe that financial planning and success is best achieved when financial professionals and clients know and trust each other. Our firm is founded on the important principle that relationships matter. We are dedicated to professionally supporting, educating, and providing informed direction to all of our clients. This sets us apart from many other financial planners.

Client-Centered Planning

Our team focuses on understanding you and your goals in order to develop a plan to best reach them. We will meet with you to present an analysis of your situation and discuss our recommendations. Together, we decide which options make the most sense for you and then help you implement the recommendations. We meet with you as often as you desire to monitor progress toward your goals and adjust the plan as needed to increase the likelihood that you will achieve your goals.

The Client Process

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